It’s time to dust off that winter wetsuit – the cruisy summer days of big kite weather are gone; it’s storm season! Here at Coda, the next couple of months get us super excited, as it’s a time to push our limits to the next level. Storm Lorenzo has already delivered the goods and there will be many more storms to come!

Autumn brings with it denser, more powerful wind, which means you’ll be boosting higher than you usually would. Here in the UK, we get the tail end of a lot of America’s hurricanes that are funnelled up the gulf stream. This results in some pretty epic storms, ideal for kitesurfing no matter what your preferred style is.

At Coda Watersports, we provide the latest and greatest equipment that we personally trust to get us through those stormy sessions. For the wave riding enthusiasts out there, we recommend the Core Ripper 3 as it’s ideal for big, messy waves that are thrown up during a British storm. On the big air menu, Crazyfly do a great pairing of the Hyper kite and the Raptor Extreme board – guaranteed to boost you to the moon! If you’re environmentally conscious and still seek a high performance kite board, why not check out the carbon neutral Kold Shapes ‘Polar’. 

There’s loads of competitions, both amateur and professional, that run in the autumn, taking advantage of the stronger winds. The ‘King of the Exe’ runs at our home spot, Exmouth. It involves some of the most radical UK riders pushing the limits in a big air showdown. If you enjoy watching the Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA), think of the ‘King of the Exe’ as being the KOTA on home turf. Across the county border line in Dorset, Poseidon Kite School run their annual ‘Dorset Big Air Competition’, which is open for anyone to enter. With various categories to enter into, there really is no excuse! For the ladies out there, the windy season is the perfect time to enter the year-long ‘Queen of the Air’ competition.

As always, stay safe in these windy times. Things happen quicker with smaller kites in stormy winds, so give yourself some extra space when kitesurfing to make sure your session ends with a smile.