From the start, we wanted to do more with Coda than simply selling other brands’ gear. As a team of creatives, part of the big plan was to slowly bring our brand to life with our own products, and a design-style and flair that we feel, as of yet, somewhat lacks within the kite world.

So for the Titan tees, we drafted in ink artist, Phil Harris. Phil is an ex-Foundry member (the creative space where Coda came to fruition) and we have always loved his work. He has that sweet mix of fine-tuned craftsmanship and a punk edge that made him the perfect candidate for designing our first illustrated tee. Phil’s prints have been sitting on our walls for years (including a Harris Lazer-etched skateboard), and the ocean has been a regular theme – so an eventual collab’ with Coda felt inevitable.  

Our plan has always been to have minimal impact on the environment and to improve on this year on year. So, as with all our apparel, the t-shirts themselves are made from 100% organic cotton and printed using water-soluble eco inks, by Broadside Screenprint. Broadside are one of the most respected screen printers in the land, and for good reason – these tees boast the sharpest, cleanest prints we have ever set eyes on.

We’re nearly through our first run, and already working towards a winter design, so grab one while they’re hot, and watch this space for the next drop. 

Peace, love, and shred till you’re dead,
Team Coda