Brexit is ‘done’, you’re more likely to meet God than score toilet roll any time soon, and in a few months, we’ll all be hunting squirrels for dinner. But don’t despair – the wind is pumping, the days are warming, and we have a constant stream of new kit and awesome offers coming up this season…

We have officially partnered with Liquid Force, and have just kicked the season off with an Exmouth-based demo showcasing all of their 2020 gear. For those of you who missed it, these local legends will be back very soon to showcase more of their awesome gear. Liquid Force has been around since the mid-90s and has been rocking the scene ever since. With a recently renewed team, the brand delivers something for everyone. They put a lot of time into research and development, which means riders can trust the kit – we certainly do! For those of you who missed the demo day and want to try kit, hit us up as we have some stock equipment available to demo anytime.

Next up, we’re proud to announce that Coda has partnered up with Brunotti to provide the UK with some amazing harnesses, wetsuits and general kitesurfing essentials. Brunotti has put 100% faith in us and chosen us as their trusted South West dealer. This is a huge honor for us as Brunotti have an awesome European legacy and it’s about time they broke into the Devon and Cornwall scene. Their gear will be on the website very soon, so be sure to check it out and treat yourself for this coming season. 

Going forward, we’ll be hitting many more demo days in the upcoming months. Dates to be confirmed soon for: Cabrihna, Crazyfly and Liquid Force. Keep an eye on our social media for info.

Lastly, after the success of our recent NedTalks workshop (on kitesurfing in Exmouth and Devon), we’ll be announcing more dates for even more opportunities to educate, learn and socialise. The idea behind these events is to provide valuable info to the community, from amateurs to pros alike, to help improve sessions on the water for everyone. We’ll be hosting these events with our good friends at Bumble and Bee. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates…

As the days get longer, and the drinks get stronger, we just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who continues to support us. As our team and community continue to grow, we envision 2020 to be an epic year for Coda and we are looking forward to having you as a part of it. 

As always, kite harder, kite Coda!