We Are Coda

At Coda, we live and breathe kitesurfing. We sell a select few brands that we know, love and ride day in, day out. Whether you’re starting out on the water or shredding like a pro, we’re here to advise, support and improve your sessions with the equipment that’s right for you. 
With a long history of professional riding and top-level tuition (from our Exmouth-based kite school), our team will kit you out with killer gear, and the best advice and support you can get. We’ll always have your back. 


Kite Harder

From kites and boards to harnesses and our own organic and recycled apparel, we’ve got you. Shop with us, and become part of our community, and always be in the loop on new kit, skills and the latest in kite culture. 
We live to kite harder. We live to kite Coda. 


Our Journal

The season has started!

Brexit is ‘done’, you’re more likely to meet God than score toilet roll any time soon, and in a few months, we’ll all be hunting squirrels for dinner. But don’t despair – the wind is…